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How Jordan Peterson's Wife Really Feels About Him {Reaction} | Helios Blog 418 The Helios Podcast

That awkward moment when you have to propose three times for her to marry you.Maybe Jordan Peterson's wife really feels something different about him than what we thought.Listen to what she says here and tell me what you think.Stay safe out there men. -Helios—————————————————————————————————————Please do all of the following to fully support me:1) Like the video (for the algorithm)2) Comment on the video (I respond to all comments and I'll give you a heart!)3) Subscribe and hit the bell (so you can see my content on your feed)4) Check Out All of My Content on Other Platforms! (Spreads the reach of the channel)YouTube | https://bit.ly/heliosyoutubeRumble | https://bit.ly/heliosrumbleBlog | https://realheliosblog.comPodcast | https://bit.ly/heliospodcastPatreon | https://patreon.com/theheliosblog5) Support the Show! (So I am encouraged to keep making content you love!) https://bit.ly/heliosdonations6) Buy my books (The ultimate show of support :))Books | https://bit.ly/heliosbooks————————————————————————————————-Podcast, dating, relationship, masculinity, womanese, heliosblog, theheliosblog, realheliosblog, dating advice, podcast for men, dating advice for men, relationship advice for men, dating tips, relationship coach, understanding women, female nature, relationship advice, dating advice, understanding women, relationship advice, relationship podcast, relationship advice podcast, dating advice for women, relationship expert, understand women, oneitis, womanese, hypergamy, improving your game, approach anxiety, what do women want, why do women cheat, don’t disqualify yourself, number of dates before sex, not all women are like that, nawalt, appealing to her reason, sexual value of men vs women, anger phase, why independent women need men, bait and switch marriages, neo-renaissance, sheryl sandberg, sunk cost fallacy, everyone is special, mate guarding, when to withdraw attention, rebuilding oneself, equal relationship, sexual dimorphism, cultural marxism, Taylor the FiendSupport the show
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