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I’m sure all of you men have met an “abuse” victim. Here is a tough pill to swallow. Many of these “abuse” victims have not been abused in the dictionary definition of the term. They have been “abused” in that they have not been worshipped as the superior beings they believe they should be treated … Continue reading Abuse

The Carrot and the Stick

Today we’re not going to talk so much about seduction as psychology. Well, that isn’t true. Seduction is all about psychology, so I guess, we’re going to talk about both. First, a bit about donkeys… How Are Donkeys Controlled? Donkeys are controlled through one of two methods: The carrot The stick If the donkey does … Continue reading The Carrot and the Stick

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is a really shitty part of the year. For women, it is shitty because they are reminded of other women who are better (at subjugating a man) than they are. For men, it is shitty because they have to reaffirm their love (slavery) to a woman. You’ll see what I’m talking about… Male … Continue reading Valentine’s Day

The Anger Phase

It is a common complaint of men in the manosphere that we’re angry. I would say that an analysis of the average person here does NOT imply that, but certainly, there is a sizeable quantity of men who are angry to learn the truth of the red pill. It is a bitter pill to swallow … Continue reading The Anger Phase

Duty Sex

Time for a sad and uncomfortable topic today. I’m very sorry I have to write this, but betas need to hear it. You can’t break free without knowing the truth of what happens in committed, monogamous relationships. I know it’s going to hurt. Sorry, I’m doing it anyway… Alpha vs. Beta Before we talk about … Continue reading Duty Sex


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